Monat: November 2020

Raoul Pal prédit que l’interdiction américaine du Bitcoin serait futile

Le promoteur populaire de Bitcoin et stratège en investissement, Raoul Pal, a déclaré avec confiance qu’une interdiction gouvernementale de Bitcoin serait un effort vain. Le promoteur de Crypto Bank a déclaré cela en réponse aux rapports médiatiques croissants où Ray Dalio, un milliardaire américain, a déclaré que le gouvernement interdirait Bitcoin pour plusieurs raisons, notamment une flambée du prix de la cryptographie. Le gouvernement américain interdirait le Bitcoin – Ray Dalio La légende des hedgeContinue reading

ATRI launch: Atari token collapses by -75% in 2 days

Atari’s cryptocurrency, ATRI, was eagerly awaited by the crypto community. But its launch was catastrophic: the token unscrewed from the first days, and problems accumulated. A very complicated launch for Atari’s ATRI Atari’s ATRI token marked a turning point for the crypto ecosystem: it was the first time that a major developer had officially launched into a cryptocurrency. This is why ATRI was also monitored. A month ago, Atari organized a public presale of ATRIContinue reading

440 million in „stolen“ bitcoins? US authorities raise their voices against BitMEX

BitMEX is out of order – The BitMEX platform continues its descent into hell. After two lawsuits filed by the United States, the removal of its CEO, and the temporary arrest of its CTO, the platform is once again being sued. The BitMEX case gets more complicated Since the beginning of October, the BitMEX exchange platform has been the subject of various legal proceedings. For example, on 1 October, the CFTC filed a complaint againstContinue reading