Monat: Februar 2023

Inuko Finance and Manga Token Join Forces: Unlocking New Opportunities!

• Inuko Finance has partnered with Manga Token to expand their offerings and reach a wider audience. • This partnership will open up new opportunities for both projects and users, such as publishing on Trophee, the official manga platform of Manga Token. • Additionally, they plan to collaborate in marketing strategies and product distribution to increase revenue. Inuko Finance Partners With Manga Token Inuko Finance has now formally partnered with Manga Token in an effortContinue reading

Ethereum Altcoin Set for Huge Rally: Hashflow Token (HFT) Poised for Massive Gains

• Ethereum-altcoin Hashflow token (HFT) is set for a huge rally and massive gains in the short time. • Crypto analyst Cantering Clark is bullish about HFT and has built a spot position in the cryptocurrency. • Hashflow Token (HFT) is a microcap with a valuation of $128 million, and plans to launch its gamified DAO platform ‘Hashverse’ this year. Ethereum Altcoin Set For Huge Rally Ethereum-altcoin Hashflow Token (HFT) is currently on a breakoutContinue reading

Fed: Bitcoin Shares Store of Value Feature Like Gold!

• The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently conducted a study on Bitcoin, concluding that it shares most features of a store of value such as gold. • However, the report highlighted that Bitcoin cannot be used as a form of payment at scale due to its high volatility. • The report further indicated that monetary news about the future path of policy has larger effects on Bitcoin price than those about the currentContinue reading

Battle and Collect Monsters in the Pikaverse with $Pika!

• Pikamoon is a play to earn NFT metaverse game that allows users to collect their own little monsters and battle in the Pikaverse. • The game comes with its own token, $Pika, which can be used to purchase health, powerups, weapon upgrades, land and more. • The game’s token was created on two Blockchains – MultiversX and the Ethereum blockchain – to maximize the benefits of both blockchains. Play to earn NFT games haveContinue reading