Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Looks to Leverage, Tradecurve (TCRV) Launches All-Inclusive Trading Platform

• Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has adopted DeFi technology, leading to the launch of BCH Bull, a new leverage trading app.
• Tradecurve is building an all-in-one trading platform that will allow traders to trade multiple assets with higher leverages than most platforms.
• Tradecurve has also built a metaverse trading academy for new traders to learn about different strategies and techniques.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Adopts DeFi

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC), has adopted decentralized finance (DeFi) technology due to the scalability and security of its UTXO mainnet. This led to the launch of BCH Bull, a leverage trading application on the Bitcoin Cash network that offers long positions on several assets such as USD, BTC, and gold. Contracts can last up to 90 days which is 2-3x longer than what was previously supported.

Tradecurve Launches All-Inclusive Trading Platform

Tradecurve is building an all-in-one hybrid exchange that allows crypto traders access to derivatives and financial markets where they can use their crypto wallets as leverage. The platform features higher leverages than other platforms at 500:1 without fulfilling KYC requirements. It will also offer algorithmic trading with AI bots, copy trading, and negative balance protection for traders.

Metaverse Trading Academy

To help equip new traders with strategies and techniques in trading, Tradecurve has built a metaverse trading academy where they can take courses from experts in this field. This academy will provide valuable insights into understanding how different markets work and how best to make money from them.

Benefits Of Leverage Trading App

The introduction of BCH Bull provides more options for traders on the Bitcoin Cash network when it comes to leveraging their positions in different markets. With its extended contract lengths allowing for more flexibility when choosing trades plus its ability to support dApps makes it an attractive option for those looking to maximize their profits through leverage trades within this ecosystem.


Decentralized Finance continues to be an important part of cryptocurrency industry as more networks adopt this technology into their systems like Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Both BCH Bull and Tradecurve have provided users with additional benefits such as extended contract lengths, higher leverages than usual exchanges, no need for KYC requirements plus AI bots and copy trading capabilities available on Tradecurve’s platform all making it easier for users who want access these services while keeping fees low or non existent .