Cardano Reaches 8M Native Tokens: Hydra Team Makes Progress

• Cardano has achieved new milestones, with 119 projects launched on its network and 8.06 million native tokens surging
• The Hydra team made significant progress in March, as Hydra heads on mainnet demo is now available and the test framework has been improved
• Key statistics update also reveals that 71,128 token policies have been enacted and 63.9 million network transactions have been carried out

Cardano Network Progress

Cardano recorded considerable progress in March 2021. According to the key statistics update, 119 projects have already been launched on Cardano’s network while 1,221 projects are being built. Native tokens surged to 8.06 million and 71,128 token policies were enacted. Additionally, the network saw 63.9 million transactions taking place.

Plutus Scripts & Test Framework

The Plutus scripts increased to 7,546 of which 2,000 are for Plutus’s second version (V2). The test framework was also improved by carrying out automated tests on node v1.35.5 and v1.35.6 releases as well as bug and technical debit fixing on the branch with the UTXO-HD functionality.

Wallets & Services Development

Work is ongoing towards enhancing wallets and services development by fixing some issues related to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) interacting with the DApp browser as well as making dark mode UI improvements by loading a spinner and scroll bars plus adding a generic CIP-30 error page for DApp interaction for Lace desktop development purposes.

Marlowe Runtime Starter Kit & Documentation

                                                           The Marlowe runtime starter kit and documentation was updated along with creating a new basic theory around asset preservation which adjusted default logging configuration for each component plus writing golden tests for protocol messages plus a download function for detailed view of Marlowe contracts was added too .

Hydra Team Progress

The Hydra team made notable progress in March 2021 by releasing Hydra heads on mainnet demo which will help Cardano scale its network better than before while working towards finalizing some of its pending projects; they also improved Test framework so users can use it more efficiently .