Cirus Invited to Attend Web3 Investor Day Conference: Unlocking Blockchain Innovation

• Chainwire Cirus is an invitee to the Web3 Investor Day Conference, sponsored by Decasonic.
• Michael Luckhoo, Founder of Cirus will be on panel discussions to discuss topics related to Web3.
• Cirus has gained attention in the Web3 industry as a leader in driving adoption across various sectors.

Cirus Invited to Attend Web3 Investor Day Conference

Chainwire Cirus, a prominent company in the Web3 industry, has been invited as a keynote speaker at the upcoming invite-only event powered by Decasonic: the Web3 Investor Day Conference. The event is scheduled to take place on July 20th, 2023, in Chicago, IL and will bring together over 300 influential stakeholders and investors from the Web3 industry.

Michael Luckhoo to Represent Cirrus

Michael Luckhoo, a pioneer in the Web3 industry and Founder of Cirus will be on panel discussions covering topics such as impact of Web3 on current industries and removal of labels caused by highly centralized figures. He expressed his enthusiasm for the event saying “I’m excited to represent Cirrus and speak about critical subjects that separate technology advantages over industry mishaps this year.“

Cirrus Gaining Traction in Market

Cirrus has established itself as must-watch project in the Web3 industry due its focus on being an accessible onramp into web 3.0 with its suite of tools designed to give users true ownership over their assets and data streams they generate. This has led to them gaining traction among web 3 enthusiasts with its potential for driving adoption across various sectors including finance, data and enterprise.

Prominent Speakers at Event

The organizers have carefully curated an exceptional lineup of speakers who will share their insights making it invaluable for all participants.

About Cirus Foundation

Cirus Foundation is the development team behind the Cirus Ecosystem which works towards accelerating adoption of web 3.0 and ownership economy through its suite of tools designed for users giving them true ownership over their assets.