Warner Music & Polygon Labs Launch Music Accelerator Program to Unlock Blockchain Innovation

• Warner Music Group and Polygon Labs have partnered up to promote music oriented startups.
• The project seeks to onboard the next generation of blockchain music projects and Decentralized Applications (DApps) on the Polygon network.
• Successful applicants will receive funding, mentorship, networking opportunities and more.

Warner Music Group & Polygon Labs Join Forces

Warner Music Group (WMG) and Polygon Labs have announced a strategic partnership that will focus on promoting music-oriented startups that integrate the best of blockchain technology into the music industry. The project is intended to onboard the next generation of blockchain music projects and Decentralized Applications (DApps) onto the Polygon network.

Music Accelerator Program

The duo has launched a Music Accelerator Program open to companies and entrepreneurs operating at the intersection of music, technology, and Web3.0 in order to bring creative ideas to life. Suitable candidates must show enthusiasm for the future of music as well as come up with innovative ideas such as artist-fan communities, decentralized music production/distribution systems, ticketing solutions, merchandise/collectibles integration with interactive technology/gaming etc. Once selected, successful applicants will receive exclusive access to mentorship, networking opportunities, strategic advice & more from both industries – music & blockchain.

Funding & Other Benefits

Successful applicants will be provided with funding from WMG & Polygon Labs along with other benefits such as check-ins, connection creation & marketing/promotion by experts in both fields. Ryan Wyatt – President of Polygon Studios remarked that “This accelerator program is aimed at discovering new talent in this space so that we can help them build their business models while using our resources”

How To Apply

Interested companies are encouraged to apply by pitching their projects including proof of traction along with an explanation of how they intend to use funds if provided . They can also expect an evaluation based on their vision for Web3 technologies within their business structure


The collaboration between WMG & Polygon Labs is set out to promote innovation in the music industry through blockchain technology by providing support for startup projects at its intersections with web3 applications . This is an exciting opportunity for those who are passionate about making a difference in this field!